31 Jul 2009 Baby Due in One Week
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babykissPretty much all that’s on our minds now days is the baby. We’re one week from the due date, and patience is starting to wear off. I have done great for the last 9 months with being patient about Baby Schmoyer’s arrival. This is the first thing that I have ever been patient about, and that has been a struggle the last 2 weeks. About 2 weeks ago almost everyone I came in contact with started saying, “Any day now!” And I know/knew that they were wrong, that it wouldn’t be “any day now,” that God isn’t done growing and strengthening Baby Schmoyer before s/he is suppose to come and join us. I am still patient with the baby waiting until the birthday God has planned, my patience with people is almost gone though. It really bothered me when one of the ladies at the doctor’s office that we make appointments with even told me, “Any day now!” And I was really turned off because they see pregnant women all the time and know that there is no for sure way of predicting what day any baby will be born. It just really bothered me that she even said it, I expected anyone in the doctor’s office to be the last one to say such a thing. I have been trying really hard to stay patient with everyone’s comments not making me eager to see our little one. I am excited for the day to come, but know that God has his timing all planned out, and I figure come Monday, it’s going to get a lot harder to be patient.

I have gotten the question asking if our doctor has said anything of when she thinks the baby will be born. I’m okay with that question, and my reply every time is no, she knows better than to play with the due date. She just had her first birth about 12 weeks ago, so this whole experience is very much still in her mind and knows not to play with mine.

Since we have started going to the doctor weekly I have been very happy to hear every visit how me and baby are progressing week to week. It makes me very happy to know that my body has less work to do than some people once labor starts happening. I did find out 2 weeks ago that I have been having contractions. All along I just thought it was Baby Schmoyer curling up until it happened during one of our doctor’s appointments, and we were told, “Nope, that’s a contraction.” So I have been very aware of the many contractions I’ve been having the past 2 weeks. Of what I can tell they’re not regular, so we haven’t timed them. I rarely notice when I’m having one anyways, I usually just get a tight feeling in my chest and am more aware of my breathing.

Yesterday I accidently tricked Tim into thinking I was going into labor. I stubbed my toes on our bathroom heater and did a little yell, of which he came running in to check on me, which I thought was very sweet. Until he found out that I hurt my toe, and in his dissapointment turned to leave me in my pain. He did stop and comfort me though, and bent down to check out my toe since that’s a little hard for me.  It didn’t even occur to me that he would’ve thought it was the baby coming, I guess we’ll find out soon enough as to how the whole thing will go down.

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    Don’t worry, I’m not gonna say any day now. I’m excited that it’s the final stretch for you guys. I also just realized that my little 3 year old neighbor turns 4 on your due date.

    In a Joyce Meyer book I read, she said that patience is the ability to keep a good attitude while you wait. I wish you the best of luck keeping patient as the due date draws closer.

  2. Thanks Chelsea! That is a very good way to look at patience.

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    Adam mclane 

    I guess I never thought about that phrase from the perspective of impatience. When I’ve said that I always felt like I was joining in the excitement and anticipation. Good food for thought.

    Another angle. After the first child that same phrase seems to mean something more sarcastic! When Kristen heard that from friends with our second, that lead to a shared giggle between the women so as to acknowledge the added work!

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    I’ve been an occasional reader on your site for a few months now. I follow your husbands site quite frequently and read yours on occasion to recommend reading to my wife who is also a youth pastor’s wife.

    There are no words to express what you’re about to go through (or may be going through now since you haven’t posted in a few days!) We just had our first child 5 weeks ago, and like yourselves, we were surprised about the gender. It’s totally the best way to do it and while it was hard…we’d do it again!

    The moment our son was born was truly the most amazing moment I’ve ever experienced. Getting married was great…but that day pales in comparison.

    Everything they say about not getting sleep and all that? Yeah, it’s true. But you’ll love every minute of the exhaustion! It’s worth it!

    My prayers are with you all and have an amazing miracle!

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    Mrs. H 

    For some reason, Twitter is not letting me tweet – sooo, I wanted to pop on here and be the first in blogland to wish you a congratulations! Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!!