05 Jun 2009 My Newest Sewing Project: Pleated Curtains
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curtainOver a year ago the discount store in town got a lot of fabric in and I let my landlord know because we had talked about putting new curtains in the house. She went ahead and bought some fabric for new curtains in the living room and in the office, which will now soon be the nursery. I got the fabric from our landlord about a month ago to start working on the curtains, and started working yesterday. In the picture the curtain I made is the red one, and those are different boats you see on it. I’m not sure if it’ll go with the nursery bedding we have for Baby Schmoyer, but at least if we have a boy, he wont have pink curtains. I like the bright red better anyways.

A few months ago I was given a sewing machine for free that someone was going to just throw out because they haven’t used it in years. Luckily my friend Amanda thought of me and asked if I wanted it. Of course I did! I’ve been wanting a sewing machine of my own for a while now. So yesterday I got the fabric cut for the curtains in the office/soon to be nursery, and today I got the sewing machine working. I figured it wouldn’t be smart to start in the living room because I have never made curtains before and the ones in the living room will been seen by others a whole lot more.

I did some research on curtains last month, but didn’t find any help on how to make the curtains I need to go on the runners we have. We’ve got the kind of curtains that you see at a hotel, that you just pull the cord on the side and they all move together. I really wasn’t wanting to put the extra time in to make the pleats like these store bought curtains have, but after a few trial and errors I found out that it’s actually easier to put the pins in the curtains if I have the pleats. I was hoping I could’ve just made simple curtains with the fabric loops to hang it from, but that would’ve cost extra money to change out the hardware.

So far I have 1 of the 4 panels done for the curtains in the office. I started getting pretty frustrated with trying to figure out how they would hang best on the runners, but wanted to get one panel knocked out today before going to bed so I know what to do when I get to work on the rest. Hopefully I’ll be pretty skilled at making these curtains by the time I have to tackle the living room. I may have to take a break between the two rooms though if I get stressed out again like I did tonight. This project was supposed to help the pregnancy go by faster, but when it comes to projects I like to just get them done as soon as I start. So that strategy isn’t working out too well so far.

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