07 Jun 2009 Jon & Kate Plus 8
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jon-kateI remember when this family was in the news when Jon & Kate were welcoming their sextuplets. I have caught the show on a few times in the past couple months while leaving the tv on The Learning Channel before or after watching The Baby Story. I think the kids are adorable and I enjoy watching them. Tim was in the room one day while I was watching the show and made a comment about how mean Kate is to Jon, and he didn’t like the show. After hearing his wisdom I started to notice how degrading Kate was to Jon when they would sit and do their interviews throughout each show. That soon started to turn me off from the show, but I still caught the first episode of the current season because of all the advertisement TLC did to hype it up.

Last week Tim told me that Walt Mueller, the founder/president of Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU) wrote a blog of his experience with the Gosselin family with living across the street from the family. I just read the blog today and want to pass it on. It’s long, so I’ll make this short. Ending with a plea backing up Walt asking people to stop watching Jon & Kate Plus 8, don’t buy their books, don’t book them at your church, in order to get this family out of the spotlight they have gotten in, so that they may focus on their family instead of fame and turn back to God to help them heal.

Read Walt Mueller’s Blog, Jon & Kate … Too Late?

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    I can’t stand watching that show anymore. Ever since finding out about that whole scandal, I see all the negativity in the show. It’s not as fun and happy as it used to be. It’s horrible how Kate treats Jon. How can she just be that cruel to her husband on tv? And why does she still have to submit her family to this show. It’s so stupid.