23 Jun 2009 Deep Cleaning Before Baby Schmoyer Arrives
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wetvacLast week I made a daily cleaning schedule for me to follow. I really want to get in the habit of keeping our house clean, and I only have a few weeks before Baby Schmoyer gets here to make this a habit. I did great for my first week. Yesterday got thrown for a loop because I cleaned carpet all day and neglected my regular schedule, but I think that’s okay. And today so far I’ve only done a little bit of my cleaning and went to the grocery store mainly for bananas, ’cause I’m pretty sure I pushed myself too hard yesterday. I need to make myself relax and take it easy today. My hands and feet are sore, and I woke up with the worst cramp ever in my left calf. Luckily Tim was already semi awake when I woke up freaking out. Tim tried to get me to relax by saying, “relax relax relax” that didn’t work too well, but once he said, “take a deep breathe” I was able to get under control. It was not a fun way to wake up, but I think now we know that when the baby is on the way Tim will have to be specific in his directions to get me to relax and calm down.

I was so worn out after working and sweating in our hot and humid house all day. I got everything piled back into the nursery and wanted to do one thing that I enjoyed yesterday, so before going to sleep Tim helped me put Baby Schmoyer’s crib together. I didn’t put any of the bedding on though ’cause I didn’t want to touch it with being so filthy. And still today I haven’t gotten around to putting the bedding on. Part of me is just too worn out, and the other part would really love to put it all on with Tim. He should be home soon, so hopefully we can get it done before we have company over this afternoon. Hopefully this evening I’ll feel rested enough to do some of my daily chores and get back into routine.

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