14 May 2009 We Got a Free Bassinet!
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bassinetI have been keeping my eye on craigslist since I gave up on garage sales for finding a bassinet. I had thought about posting on freecycle to ask for one, but didn’t want to just yet. And today someone posted that they had one to give away! I was so excited I emailed them right away hoping to be the first one to respond, and then emailed them back more specifically since I didn’t quite read their whole post and asked questions and stuff. It is a pretty nice bassinet and I am so excited that we got it for free! God has really been blessing us, and I hope continues to so we can get everything we’ll need for Baby Schmoyer. I haven’t had anyone talk about doing a shower for Baby Schmoyer, which makes me anxious, but people up north I think tend to do them after the baby is born, which means I guess we’ll have to buy quite a bit of stuff before hand. And our church stopped doing baby showers, but I’ve had family say, “oh, someone will throw you a baby shower.” I just hope that everyone doesn’t think that and assumes that someone else will do one and we’ll end up without one. That is just one of the many anxious thoughts floating around in my head. I need to make myself not be nervous about things and trust that God has everything under control and that he will provide what we need for Baby Schmoyer. Having the bassinet helps to put me at ease though, because now we at least have something for Baby Schmoyer to sleep in when s/he is here.

My pictures of the bassinet didn’t turn out very well. But I already washed all the material and have it hanging up to dry. I can’t wait to put it all back together and set it up in our room. I keep on comparing the excitement of having a baby to the excitement of getting married. Each little thing that happens to help prepare for this huge event brings me that much closer to reality that we’re actually going to be parents.

Yesterday I got to hold a baby for the first time in a while. She was 9 weeks old and just adorable! I got lots of smiles and some babbling out of her. I can’t wait until I get to smile at and play with our own baby. Our church started a parenting class on Wednesday nights for 4 weeks, and yesterday was the first class. It was fun to be surrounded by other parents, and in the crowd that we’ll be joining soon when our little one is here. It was funny that our associate pastor was a little thrown off to see us there since this is a new venue for us. Tomorrow Tim and I will get to meet our brand new niece for the first time, Addison Kate. I am really excited about meeting her and getting to hold another baby!

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    How exciting, it looks cute! The Lord is faithful to provide. You still have a while to go, I am sure someone will plan a shower; they are always more fun when the mother to be is closer to the date.

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    Cute bassinet, it’s shocking how they go from looking tiny in it to borderline unsafe in just a few weeks!…at least ours do 🙂 Yea just hang in there and be patient, a lot of people of here do showers after the baby is born so you have some time. We got a few newborn outfits from people here and there and just have diapers and a bassinet, but other than that you don’t need much. I’m sure someone will plan a shower for you, and keep in mind if it’s a surprise shower you don’t want to ruin it by asking. Just put your mind to rest about that, people aren’t assuming. I am sure you’ll have a shower. See you guys tonight!