20 May 2009 Natural Consequences
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Yesterday was wonderful, and tiring. Tim and I relaxed for the evening on the couch watching tv, well at least he did. I ended up falling asleep. Today I was planning on relaxing and doing some work around the house, but ended up getting a call from a school practically begging for me to come in for the afternoon. For the most part the day was good. But the very end of the day tough.

I had a student rip another student’s homework for no reason at all (the other student wasn’t even in the room) and assumed that the other student would just keep the ripped page. Instead I used natural consequences for his actions and had him keep the ripped homework and gave the other student the whole page. The student who ripped the homework did not like that idea at all, but didn’t have a choice. The natural consequence didn’t go over well, and I had to get another teacher in on it. But it was nice to be backed up with the natural consequence.

I feel like I still have a lot to learn with classroom discipline, but was glad I was able to use part of the Love and Logic philosphy today. Yesterday went so well teaching all day, and then today in a different classroom for only the afternoon didn’t. I felt much more drained walking out of the school today than I did yesterday. It’s so hit or miss with subbing. Some days I get classes that are very well behaved, and some days I don’t. And some days I get the class that should’ve been rowdy, but is perfect, and surprises the rest of the school. There’s only 11 more days of school left and I’m not eager to get subbing jobs this late in the school year ’cause students are ready for the summer and behaviors aren’t the best. But on the other hand I feel guilty if I pass up a chance to work and make money.

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