19 May 2009 It’s Finally Looking Like Spring!
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appleblossomWhile living in Texas, Fall was my favorite season because I always enjoyed it when the long hot summer was coming to an end. Now with living in Minnesota, Spring is my favorite season because after such a long cold winter I am ready for a little warmth.

Tim and I went down to see our neice, Addison Kate last weekend and everything only an hour and a half away from us was in full bloom Spring. It looked like a whole other part of the country ’cause we hadn’t had anything start to bloom in our town. Today though, I got to see blossoms on trees, and that made me very happy! Yesterday actually got up to the 80s which was nice and hot after our winter. Tim and I got to watch 2 softball games in the sun. We knew girls on both teams from our youth group, so we didn’t cheer for anyone, but sat back and enjoyed watching the girls play. Today was another gorgeous day. After subbing all day Tim had dinner planned and then we went on a walk. It was so nice outside and I was so excited about our blossoms on the trees that I grabbed our pruning shears and went to work on our four apple trees. Half way through Tim ended up joining me after he realized I was missing from the house. It was so nice to be outside and feel productive. I noticed the plum bushes on our rental property need some work too, so maybe I’ll tackle that tomorrow. I really wanted to get our apple trees done though because last year we didn’t make out too well on the apples, only one tree did okay, and the rest weren’t worth picking except to keep the bees away.

God has really blessed us with gorgeous weather lately. It was supposed to thunderstorm yesterday during the softball game, then they backed it up to storming today, which didn’t happen again. Now the forcast says tomorrow will get the storms. We’ll see what happens.

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