12 May 2009 Hey, It’s Free!
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freemealMy Aunt Karyn told me about a great website last week called Hey, It’s Free! This could potentially be my favorite website from here on out. Tim and I tightened up our budget this month and didn’t put any money aside for eating out, but last week we got to eat out for free! Last Wednesday Arby’s was giving away free fruit tea, and then we got the coupons for a free grilled 2 piece meal from KFC. So we got our drinks, and took them over to KFC for our free meal. It was so fun to be out to eat and even more fun to know that it was completely free! Hey, It’s Free! is constantly updating with free stuff and great coupons. Keep your eye on it and it could be a great tool for you too!

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    The only problem is now KFC isn’t accepting the coupons, we printed some out too. slickdeals.net is another great site.

  2. Oh bummer! They should be good through the 19th. They excluded mother’s day though.

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    ya, I know, but because there was such a huge response they are no long accepting them. It’s all over there website, they are doing a ‘rain-check’. I guess these “cheap” and “free” websites get more publicity than people thought…

  4. That stinks! I was hoping to get to use our last 2 coupons. Thanks for the heads up!