10 May 2009 Hearing God’s Whisper in my Life
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God’s Plan is Much Better

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    Hi Dana! You don’t know me, but I stumbled on your site through your husband’s tweet and his youth ministry site that I use to help me in my days as a counselor.

    What a touching, powerful story you told. It’s interesting to note that I too went through similar struggles in college, with things that led me more of the world and away from Christ. But right before I graduated, God brought the right brothers and sisters in my life to turn me back. He came to my rescue.

    Long story short, God helped me realize I did not have to be someone other than me to be His own. You see, I’m the kind of person who likes to earn respect or to prove my talents/abilities to be “loved” by others. And I grew weary from trying to be somebody so I can belong somewhere. God saw that emptiness in this man’s heart and broke it so He can fill it with love — the kind that takes me for who I am, the kind that never fails, and the kind that frees me to be who I was meant to be. His beloved.

    I still struggle time to time with myself in these said areas. But like you, Dana, He is not done with me yet. That to run this race with Christ, I just need to surrender my heart and listen closely to His whispers that mark my path before me.

    Thanks so much for your story. =) Blessings to you, Tim and the new life inside you.