09 May 2009 Garage Sales
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I have come to realize how much I really dislike garage sales. For the past couple weeks I have looked at our local newspaper to see when and where garage sales are and what kind of stuff people are selling. I would love to find a great deal on a crib and bassinet, so figured dealing with garage sales would be worth it. But now I’m starting to change my mind. I have gone to a few in the past couple weeks, but only come home frustrated feeling like I’m wasting my time.

Here’s why I don’t like garage sales in no certain order:

1. I think I am spoiled by freecycle.org and craigslist where I can ask questions about items, get pictures, and know what I am getting before I have to leave my house to get it, and I know what price I will be paying ahead of time too.

2. I like to sleep in on the weekends, and trying to wake up to get to a sale is a struggle.

3. I showed up 5 minutes after a garage sale supposedly opened, and what I was looking for was already sold, and I’m left wondering if it was a piece of junk, or if it would’ve been worth it to stake out their house early in the morning to be the first one there.

4. I don’t like driving around looking for a deal, I feel like it’s a waste of time and waste of gas money.

5. If I don’t need something I’m not going to buy it, even if it’s a great deal I’m not saving money by buying unnecessary items. And for some reason I feel awkward walking away from a garage sale empty handed, although I started to get use to it.

6. I don’t like showing up to a place to find out the item I would’ve potentially been interested in is completely dirty, not the color/style I want, and I don’t know what kind of home it’s been in. No one has a nice smelling garage to make me think it’s coming from a great place.

7. I am turned off by someone having so many things in their house that they can fill an entire garage of junk that has been sitting around collecting dust. I don’t like clutter, which is probably why I like freecycle so much. I get excited when I have something in the house that I can give away!

Obviously I’m not an expert at shopping garage sales. I know a lot of people who put time and effort into it, I would just rather sit on the computer, find a deal, and know where to get it and for what price, and not have to drive from place to place hoping to find what I’m looking for. Plus I don’t think I want to start my day off by stressing myself out trying to find something at a garage sale. I’d rather enjoy my Saturday, so this is possibly my last day of doing that…hopefully! 🙂

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