25 May 2009 Enjoying the Outdoors
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vaseoflowersWe’ve had some great weather lately. Tim and I spent a few days doing a little bit of yard work each day, going on walks, and simply enjoying the outdoors. Today I went out and trimmed one of our apple trees again. It was the first one I pruned, so I was very cautious and not wanting to prune too much. But after seeing how well the other trees have been doing, I needed to get after it. I wanted to do it before today, but the bees have been hard at work, and I did not want to get around them. Today has been very windy, so it was the perfect time to get back in the tree.

Yesterday was our first Sunday without our normal school year programming. Which meant we didn’t have Sunday School or Sr. High youth group. It was kind of weird not having a busy Sunday, and it took us a little while to figure out what to do instead. Tim and I decided to go to Inspiration Peak, that we’ve heard so many people talk about in town. Mainly I’ve heard of people going in the Fall to enjoy the trees, and now I know why. It’s a short and steep hike up to the peak, only a quarter mile from the parking, and then a short quarter mile back down. We didn’t stay too long, which was a disappointment. I was expecting a longer hike and being very hungry, thirsty and tired at the top, but that didn’t happen. We even brought a sack dinner with us to eat at the top of the peak, but neither of us worked up an appetite. I would still like to go back in the Fall though and see all the trees different colors, and at that time Baby Schmoyer will get to see the trees too! With leaving early we were able to hang out for the evening at a youth’s house, whose family did a cook out. So we enjoyed the evening in their back yard around a fire eating smores. That was a great first Sunday of our “summer.”

Baby Schmoyer has been very active lately. And apparently I’ve grown quite a bit ’cause that’s all I’ve been hearing lately, and that Baby is sitting really high. I’ve noticed that Baby likes to settle somewhere above my belly button, which is fine when I’m up and around, but when sitting it’s not too comfortable. Yesterday I was trying to push Baby Schmoyer away from my ribs while Tim and I were watching TV, and Baby was kicking back. It just made me laugh and forget that my ribs weren’t too comfortable. And, last night was the first time that I felt a distinct motion of something moving across my belly. So far I’ve only felt quick kicks, so I was surprised when I felt something different last night while lying in bed. It was a weird feeling that I can’t quite describe. I thought the kicks felt weird when those started, and now I’ve got something else to enjoy!

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