28 Apr 2009 Substitute Teaching
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pencilsIt looks like I have a very likely chance of working every day this week. That hasn’t happened in a long time! Sunday night Tim and I stayed up until around 2 with me playing my new video game he got me for my birthday. After staying up ’til 12 I figured I wouldn’t take a job on Monday, so it didn’t really matter how much longer I would stay up since I could sleep in the next morning. To my surprise there were a few different options to sub on Monday. I passed one up that I actually enjoy ’cause I was just so tired when I heard the notice, and someone else quickly snagged it anyways. Then later on in the morning another position came up and I laid there thinking about it, giving someone else a chance to take it. Then I figured I’d get up, take a shower, see how I was functioning so far, and if it was still available, I’d go to work on only 5.5 hours of sleep. It was still available, and I was feeling guilty about passing up a day to work, so I had a full day of subbing in a music class, seeing 10 different classes for 30 minute increments. That is actually an easier way to sub I think because if you get a rough class, you know that they’re not there for long.

Then today I had a half day of subbing in the afternoon. I was really looking forward to today because I knew I could sleep in, which was absolutely wonderful. I think I got about 10 hours of sleep last night and Tim and I got to get up and around together this morning and do our devotions together. It was very delightful. And my afternoon was great. It was for the class of a teacher I’ve been subbing for frequently and still have 2 more days lined up to sub in there, so I have gotten to know the students pretty well.

About an hour ago I got a notice of a Kindergarten teacher needing a sub. I actually haven’t subbed at this school yet this year, so hopefully I don’t go on auto-pilot and end up at a different school. I am really looking forward to getting to teach Kindergarten, I just love that age! And Thursday I don’t know what I’m doing except for subbing for different teachers while they have meetings, so that should be interesting. I don’t have anything lined up for Friday, but there is usually quite a few positions that pop up for Fridays.

Now I need to go to sleep and get some good rest for a full day tomorrow. Hopefully Baby Schmoyer will start settling down soon. He/She has been moving around (on my bladder) this whole time while typing. I had the fun of that while trying to go to sleep Sunday night. Hopefully we wont have a replay of that.

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