19 Apr 2009 My New Treadmill
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treadmillI have been wanting a treadmill for about a year now since we canceled our gym memberships to get out of debt. I figured right now would be the best time to find a good deal since it’s finally starting to get nice outside again and this is when people are more likely to get rid of their treadmill. I was able to find someone selling a treadmill with everything I was looking for and in my price range! I wanted an incline, up to 10mph, programs, calorie and mile counter, and the one I ended up with even has a heart rate monitor! All of this for a brand with good reviews online and sold to me for only $100. The owner had originally paid $1,100 for it, nothing wrong with the treadmill, just hadn’t been used in a while and they wanted their space back in the house. We were both thanking each other over and over for helping each other out! 🙂 I found the treadmill on craigslist, and was pretty nervous about getting it ’cause this was my first purchase using craigslist, but it worked out great! We were able to borrow a truck from a youth’s family and go pick up the treadmill Friday night. We also brought another youth with us to help with the heavy lifting, since I’m not supposed to be doing any of that with Baby inside. So we had a good evening getting my treadmill and investing some good time in to one of the youth. We were able to get the treadmill because Tim hadn’t taken any money as profit from his online ministry, and we finally paid ourselves this week with getting fitness equipment for me for in the winter, and a new bike for Tim this summer.

We were blessed to find this treadmill and to get such a great deal on Tim’s bike, and in perfect timing. The day we went in to purchase Tim’s bike, his old one that he had for almost 16 years finally bit the dust. Luckily it held up for him as he rode it to and from work, and then it gave out after getting home. It was pretty foreign to spend so much money this week, but I think it’s important to invest in our health. With Tim’s records on bikes we’ll have this bike for a really long time, and my treadmill will over and beyond save us on what paying a monthly membership at a gym would cost, plus with Baby Schmoyer coming, it would be pretty hard to get up and go to the gym to work out, and we like to go together, which wouldn’t happen because one of us would have to stay home and watch Baby. I even had my first work out on it yesterday ’cause the temp outside got cold again.

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  1. That’s a mom for you, exercising, listening to her ipod, and reading all at the same time!