15 Apr 2009 God is so Good!
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I haven’t been working much lately, and I’m doing okay with that now. Last weekend I was really worn out, and Baby Schmoyer was really hyper on Monday, moving on and off for an hour straight in the morning, and still moving quite a bit throughout the day. Tuesday I decided not to work ’cause I wanted to rest, and I think Baby needed it too because he or she did not move too much. Today we both had some energy back, but I didn’t get a job. I am lined up to sub for one teacher twice a week for the next 2 weeks and mainly only half days. I figured I would take them because it’s better than chancing a job and not getting one, and it’ll be a good rest if I’m able to get full days the rest of the weeks. I’m leaving my work up to God ’cause He knows better than I do when I need to rest and when I can handle the work.

With less work comes less money, which was starting to worry me, but I kept on wanting to buy something from our baby registries every day. (I haven’t though.) I just want to have everything ready, but God helped me realize I really do need to be patient, and now I’m better. Tim and I have 3 months of expenses saved up, which Dave Ramsey recommends saving 3-6 months of expenses. We still need to save up the rest of my deductible that we’ll be paying when Baby Schmoyer gets here, and we would like to put money in savings for a car when Tim’s finally goes. I’m sure we have at least 2 more years on it, but ya never know.

So now even though I love looking at everything on our baby registries, I am doing better with refraining from wanting to buy something. Also, this week someone has bought us things from our Target registry and Babies R Us registry! That helps put me at ease and makes me excited. Tonight my co-teacher for confirmation offered us a free dining room table and 6 chairs that go with it that we’ll be getting soon. I’ve been wanting a new table and chairs for over a year now, but we haven’t had the money to get one. I am so excited! Also, I am wanting a treadmill for the next winter because when Baby Schmoyer is here it’ll be hard to get to the gym to work out, plus that costs money. So I’ve been looking on craigslist for a treadmill in good condition and for $150 or less, ’cause that’s what I have saved up in my blow money. I have found a treadmill that hopefully we’ll be able to pick up on Friday. We have to drive an hour down and an hour back to get it, but it’s only $100 and in good condition, and has everything I’m looking for on a nice treadmill, which has been hard to find for this price.

Last week I was stressed and worried about our finances, and this week God has totally been showing faithful and putting me at ease with our situation, showing us that we will be okay. God is so good!

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    I’ve found that people in the church will SPOIL you!! So hold off on buying stuff or else you might get double! I made that mistake. We didn’t have to buy any clothes for Jax until he turned 6 months old…That’s how well I did on my baby shower!

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    Have you thought to look at stores such as Goodwill and Salvation Army for a good used treadmill? I’ve seen almost new ones here is TX.

  3. Nicole, I’ve heard of that happening, so with all my might I’ll wait. 🙂

    Aunt Wanda, We don’t have any of those near by, we’re in a pretty small town, so I’m kinda out of luck with that. We’ll see tomorrow if we’re able to go down and get the one from craigs list.