11 Apr 2009 Fatigued
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22-weeksI went to the library this morning to check out some more birthing books. I had to of been standing there for about 5 minutes when I all of a sudden got so worn out. I finished looking at books while I sat on the floor. Luckily I’m not embarassed by that ’cause I would do that if I was tired before I was pregnant. I’m still pretty fatigued being home for 30 minutes afterwards, which scared me, so I started looking things up online and contemplating if I should move my monthly checkup back to this week. I have my checkups on Mondays, and would normally go in this Monday, except our doctor wont be there the next 2, so I’m scheduled for the 27th. I did find a website that said that about this time in the pregnancy fatigue will start back up. Hopefully that’s the case, but if I have a rough weekend I think I’ll try getting in later this week. Tim took this picture of me last Sunday. I was excited to fit into this shirt, and finally had something to wear with the really cute and fun jewelry my brother, Jon, got me for Christmas!

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    mom s 

    You couldn’t look cuter ! pregnancy agrees with you !! Fatigue is the side effect of motherhood for the next 18 yrs !!! love mom s

  2. You look great!!!
    UGGGG I hate pregnancy fatigue, very normal, you’re body is growing a human!
    I was the worst about taking my prenatal vitamins, but they can help keep iron up which can help with fatigue.

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    Mrs. H 

    You look great – cute shirt! Fatigue, yes, yes, you’re normal. But, feel free to call your doctor. First pregnancies are filled with moments of “is this right?” Feel free to call in and calm your nerves – just like you’ll do w/ your future pediatrician when your baby arrives 😉

  4. Thanks for all the compliments everyone! It’s good to hear that the fatigue is normal. I was just worried since it hit so quickly after feeling great for so long. I guess I need to go back to my 9+ hours of sleep, and I’ll try taking more iron. I want my energy back! 🙂