12 Apr 2009 Cardboard Testimonies
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Happy Easter! The youth put on their yearly fundraiser of doing an Easter Breakfast to raise money for the big summer event. This year is CHIC, a week long youth camp in Tennessee for the Covenant churches all over the U.S. And Tim and I got to participate in the 2nd two services for part of the worship experience. Our church participated in doing Cardboard Testimonies. Watch this video if you haven’t heard of it.

It was really touching seeing everyone’s testimonies, and Pastor Rol had me choked up with his each service, which made it hard to stand and the front and hold back tears. I noticed a lot of wet eyes in the congregation. It was nice to see the testimonies touch people. Tim and I did ours together. Our before was: 2 apathetic pastors kids, and our after was: serving in full-time ministry. Pastor Rol’s before was: almost died, and after was: was delivered. It was such a scary time when Pastor Rol was in the hospital not too long ago, but it’s been neat to hear how God has used that experience to change the way he does ministry. I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. We enjoyed the afternoon and evening with Tim’s brothers Dan and David and their families. It’s nice to have family near by to spend each holiday with.

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  1. We did the cardboard testimonies too, I was crying, those are so great! A good reminder of my own testimony.

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    We watched that video in youth group this year. Every time I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes. I think it’s really cool that you two went from being two apathetic pastor’s kids to being in full time ministry.

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    GG-ma B 

    I love those cardboard testimonies!! Short and to the point ! I saw it on TV on the Crystal Cathedral, too. For shy people it should work extra well.
    Thanks for sending me your blog on the Easter cookie. May it always have a message for kids and everybody… Bless whoever thought it up.