01 Apr 2009 Bored
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April 1stI have been really bored lately. We don’t have nice weather anymore, that only lasted about a week, and we’re covered in snow again. Yesterday the blizzard hit and school was canceled, but Tim had a few guys over from the youth group, and that added something fun to the day. I’ve mainly been bored ’cause I didn’t get many subbing jobs in March, which is why I had time to make 2 quilts and reupholster a glider, which really didn’t take long, because usually when I start a project I don’t stop until it’s done.

I’m assuming that March was pretty slow with subbing jobs because the first week was Spring Break, and I expected teachers to be back in the classroom and not taking off soon after. I did however work almost every Thursday and Friday in March and a random day here and there. Which is good news for next year when the baby is here… I am planning on subbing only on Fridays when Tim has the day off, and it’s good to know that even during a slow month of subbing it shouldn’t be hard to get a subbing job.

With being bored I started watching TLC again, lots of baby stories, stories of families with 10-18 kids (yikes!), and shows on finances and any other specials I’ve been able to catch. I have also spent more time online than I would like, but have done research on different baby stuff, looking at my registries, and reading my emails I get from Jackie Kendall with being on her mailing list. I really like the book, Lady in Waiting that she wrote, and want to get her newest book, Free Yourself to Love. I like what Jackie Kendall has to say, challenging me and inspiring me at the same time.

Hopefully this month subbing will pick up. I didn’t sub today because I had an eye appointment, and I’m okay with not subbing today with the snow day yesterday. I’d rather the teachers get their classes back on track than me. The more days I have without subbing or something keeping me constantly busy the more impatient I get with not getting to see Baby Schmoyer until August. The picture for this post was my attempt to go to my eye apt. The plowers for the township we live in plowed our whole neighborhood except for our part of the road, I had to call to get it cleared.

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