08 Apr 2009 Baby Registries
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For the amount of time I spend in Walmart, I am surprised that yesterday was the first time I went and looked at their baby section. Not sure if that was a mistake or not, but now we are registered not only at Target and Babies R US, but also Wal-Mart now. Here’s my reasoning:

Target registry: I have most of our registered items on Target’s. I did this registry at our local store, so most of the items are found in store and don’t have to be ordered online. There are only a few that are online only, which I tried to keep down as much as possible.

Babies R Us registry: This is where the items are that match the nursery bedding set we bought. They also have my favorite stroller and carseat. I want a jogger to be able to go on walks and jogging as much as possible before we get snow after Baby Schmoyer is born, and wanted one that is equipped for an infant carseat so we don’t have to buy a travel system and then a jogger on top of it. Trying to be money wise with that. I was impressed with how cushioned the carseat it, and just think it’s way cute! There’s also some bigger items and cute items that I liked from there. I couldn’t figure out how to add gift cards to this registry, maybe I’ll get it one day.

Walmart registry: I was surprised to find that Wal-Mart has items that Babies R Us has and Target doesn’t, or has some of the same items as Target did, but online only. I figured Wal-Mart would be better because you can opt for free shipping by doing site-to-store. The shipping can become pretty pricy. I was also able to register for books, which was very exciting!

I didn’t work yesterday ’cause I wasn’t feeling well, and didn’t get a job today because my job notice thing signed it’s self out during the night, and I missed any notices there may have been. So since I haven’t had anything to keep me off of kicking Baby Schmoyer, I’ve been entertaining myself with baby stuff. Yesterday I was so excited to see that our Walmart has the Fisher-Price Rainforest gym on clearance for $49.99! I didn’t realize how cute it is ’til I saw it in person! At Babies R Us it costs $69.99. Pretty good deal for $20 off! I’m tempted to go buy it since there’s only 2 left, and I’ve been saving up my blow money for baby stuff….but I’m trying to be patient to see what all we get as gifts…it’s so hard! We still have 4 months until Baby Schmoyer arrives. The main items I want though are the stroller and carseat from Babies R US, and a pack n’ play/bassinet combo and a crib.

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2 Responses

  1. You’ve really thought it through, great job! That’s just what i did with registries and I really think it’s the way to go. I did most stuff at Target in store with just a few things online then just the car seat for him at Babies R Us which is farther away for most people. People do just like to go to Target 🙂

  2. Isn’t that registry thing so much fun? It’s like the wedding registry was just a warm up lap for the baby showers. Have fun with it. So glad things are going well.