12 Mar 2009 Quilting
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baby fabricI haven’t gotten any work this week being the first week back after Spring Break. On Monday I had a chance come up, but I went to bed too late, got the notice at 6:30 for a job that I would’ve had to leave the house by 7 to make, and do that all on only 6 hours of sleep. So instead of working for money, I’ve been working for Baby. I am in the process of making 2 baby quilts, one for a boy, one for a girl.

I was really struggling earlier this week with trying to decide if Tim and I are going to find out the sex of our baby when we go in for the next check-up this Monday, but with making both of these baby quilts I think I am doing better at going back to what we’ve told everyone already, and keeping Baby Schmoyer a surprise. I do keep on thinking that I’ll feel like I can bond more with Baby Schmoyer knowing if the baby is a boy or a girl, and getting to choose a name for Baby and get to buy some outfits for Baby before he/she comes so I don’t have to do any shopping the week or two after Baby is here. I’d also like to quit calling Baby Schmoyer an “it” because I just forget sometimes to say he or she when talking about Baby. We told the doctor last month that we are wanting to keep Baby’s sex a surprise and he said, “Well if you want to do that, just don’t look very closely at the ultrasound.” My first thought was, “How in the world do you expect me to do that! My eyes will more than likely be glued to that screen wanting to see every part of this Baby growing and moving around inside of me.”

I wasn’t planning on quilting this week until struggling with the decision to find out if Baby is a boy or a girl, and to keep me occupied while I wait to get fabric for another project. We got a really nice glider from friends for free, but it needs to be reupholstered. I’ve never done it before, but figure God will help me with my creativity and figuring out how to best do this. I stripped the glider’s cushions at the beginning of the week and measured to see how much fabric I need, but have had to hold off on buying the fabric until we did our budget for the month (which we got to last night), and for me to find the right kind of fabric for the glider. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can get Tim to go with me to JoAnn so he can help me make the final decision on what to buy, and I have a coupon good for this week!

I noticed I hadn’t blogged in almost a week after being really good at blogging, so I figured it was time again, plus I needed a break from quilting. I can’t let myself get in a hurry to finish the quilts ’cause I want to make sure I do a really good job. It’s been a good bonding time for me too, to make a gift for our baby.

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  1. It’s SUCH a tough decision! I was in the room when my niece was born and she was a surprise, it was VERY fun and exciting. I know what you mean about bonding and planning before birth though, that’s why we found out each time. I always wish I had been able to hold out for the surprise though!

  2. Yeah, I’ve tried to figure out which way I’d regret the most, not being able to keep the baby a surprise, or keeping the baby a surprise and wanting to know afterward, but I really think I’d be okay either way, it might just come down to how I’m feeling Monday. Who knows!

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    Mrs. H 

    Don’t feel like you have to find out! We were surprised with our babies. When my daughter was born, it was soooo exciting. The “it’s a girl!” was exhilarating to hear. 🙂 After all that work, you need a fun surprise. It was so cool to hang the “It’s a Girl” sign up and it wasn’t like a “duh” statement as it is when you find out beforehand. I loved doing all the old wives tale testing – figuring out your cravings (sweet/salty), the heartbeat speed, the twirling ring held over your belly. It was all fun 🙂
    You’ll have plenty of time to shop afterwards. At some point, you’ll be ready to get out of the house & show off that new baby! 🙂 LOL – plus, if you have a neutral shower first, you’ll inevitably get boy/girl specific gifts after the birth. Double sets of gifts were nice 🙂
    All that to say… do whatever you want, but don’t let the dr. force you into finding out. Just tell the ultrasound tech you don’t want to find out and she’ll tell you when to look away. The “giveaway” part is such a small part of the ultrasound 🙂 HAVE FUN!!

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    I had to smile when I read this, my kids were born back in the day when the ultrasounds were not so clear as they are now. With my first child, they were pretty sure it was a girl. So Amanda was not a big surprise. With the second baby, the ultrasound did not show anything gender specific, but the Dr. was pretty sure that the speed of the heartbeat and other things pointed toward a boy. We were certainly surprised when Jeffrey Edward turned out to be Rebekah Lyn!!! Poor sweetie went nameless for a day while we were working out that Jeff wouldn’t work any more. We had disagreed on the girl name but hadn’t been worried because we were having a boy!
    P.S Enjoy every moment while you can, it passes soooooo fast!
    Hard for me to believe my “baby” will be 18 and graduated in just 2 short months…Glad to see you are quilting! Your g-grandma was a great quilter and would be proud :>)