26 Mar 2009 Oh Baby!
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my first abcThis past week has been a whirl wind of baby fever. Last weekend we bought the bedding set for the nursery that I fell in love with in the beginning. I found it online, and we saw it in person for the first time and snatched it while it was 25% off. Tim and I adjusted our registry at Babies R Us and I finally went to the Target in our town and completed our Target Baby Registry. I didn’t register for any clothes, because we don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl, and I figure people will be buying and giving us baby clothes anyways, whether I register for clothes or not.

On top of buying our crib bedding I am so excited to have found a boy outfit and a girl outfit to bring Baby Schmoyer home in. The more I look at them the more excited I get about getting to see Baby Schmoyer in August. baby boy?baby girl?

I have also been busy this month with working on a quilt for either a baby boy or baby girl. I haven’t finished them, but I have the face on them completed.quilt for boyquilt for girl

And my last project that I finished was reupholstering the free glider we were given. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s good enough, especially for being my first time to try to reupholster anything.beforeafter

I will put more detailed pictures of everything on facebook, so you can see more detail on the outfits, quilts and the stains on the blue fabric that was on the glider before. I’m not sure what my next project will be, maybe completing the baby quilts. And I need to be content now and not let myself buy anything else for Baby Schmoyer at this point. I’m glad we’re on a budget so I can’t just go out and get everything, or feel like I can. I’m gonna have to start being patient and just enjoy what we have so far.

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    Mrs. H 

    Looks great – man, you have been busy! I like the fabrics on the quilts. They look great. “Labors” of love 🙂 Good work! Now relax and just keeping growing that baby.

  2. Thank you! It’s helped to keep me busy. I’m not as impatient if I’m kept busy, and when I don’t get a subbing job, I need something to do. I don’t have a choice but to be patient as Baby Schmoyer grows, but at least I’m a little calmer when busy. 🙂

  3. You did a great job with the chair! Looks good and is mucho comfy!

  4. Thank you babe. I am impressed with how comfy it is too.

  5. 5

    Wow! everything looks so nice and like it is coming together well. I like the quilts, you put a lot of work into them.

  6. Thank you Candi! 🙂 I had a couple days of not subbing and spent all day long both days getting the quilts knocked out. I was actually impressed with how they came out. 🙂

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    Ruth E 

    You have been a busy bee! This all looks great!

    Hope you are getting a little rest in between these projects cos baby Schmoyer won’t give you time to rest when they arrive

  8. I’m getting some rest, I just get so excited and want to prepare for Baby.