03 Mar 2009 National Youth Ministry Conference Overview
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My head has just been spinning and overwhelmed with all sorts of ideas of how to implement what I learned from this weekend into our church. On Sunday I was so tired and restless that I barely had any kind of attention span, so I ended up ducking out of Partnering with Parents early at both the morning and afternoon sessions after getting the papers and info to fill in blanks. I got a lot out of the first 2 sessions and keep going back to those where my interest really got going.

God also spoke to me a lot personally throughout the weekend which I really needed. Sunday morning when I woke up I was thinking, “I have been carrying my Bible around with me all weekend and haven’t used it once!” Kind of blaming it on the conference, and then God kinda knocked me aside the head reminding me that it was my own responsibility to take the time to spend with him. I got to talk to Debb Bresina from Dare2Share about it some too. It’s awesome when God reaffirms you through other people, which happened all weekend long. At the last session of my deeper learning track I ducked out half way through and spent some time in the Word. After spending some time I really wanted to go listen to Greg Stier speak, even though I  knew he’d be running on a lack of sleep, it’s still really encouraging to listen to him especially since my husband, Tim has implemented the Deep & Wide strategy into our own youth group.

For lunch on Sunday I got to visit the Brown Bag session on Bridging the Gap. They talked about how do we better bring up the students from children’s ministry into the youth ministry. I feel like our church is really hurting in this area with our 6th graders. On Sunday mornings the 6th grade is under the youth ministry’s possession only in the way that Tim is responsible to find the teachers for Sunday morning. And then on Wednesday night 6th grade is under the childrens ministry’s possession because AWANA goes up through 6th grade. Last Fall Tim and I invited parents to come to our house for a dinner and discussion to learn and talk about the youth ministry. We had a lot of newer parents there whose oldest just started in the youth ministry, and they gave great insight into the fact that we need to inform the parents and students of what is going on during the summer because there was a break in communication with some students knowing they could start doing youth activities the summer before 7th grade and some didn’t.

I’ll be writing more of my thoughts on Partnering with Parents and Bridging the Gap later. I have so many thing running around my head and so many people I want to talk to about this weekend. I think I’ll try to process it all completely before I jump the gun with all this enthusiasm I have in me right  now.

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  1. Hey Dana, It was great seeing you and Tim there. You guys rock! Debb sure enjoyed meeting you.

  2. It was great getting to see you too! I enjoyed getting to meet Debb and visiting for a little bit. Too bad it’ll be another year until the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.