16 Mar 2009 Getting Warmer
 |  Category: health, Random Thoughts

We finally made it to above freezing! The news doesn’t cover our town specifically, but for the Minneapolis area (about 2 hours southeast of us) they usually stay 5-10 degrees warmer and they hi 50 degrees for the first time since the first week in November. We have yet to hit 50, and I’m guessing we weren’t in the 50s when November started. It will be a fabulous day when we get that warm!

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    I’m loving the nice, warm, sunny weather as well. In Michigan, where I am at least, it’s about 57 according to my computer. I think it’s supposed to hit 70 tomorrow possibly. Also I think spring is around the corner. My calender says spring starts on Friday, but that date could vary I guess.

    I think it’s funny that people who live in Florida actually put on winter jackets when it hits 50 in the winter, but it’s a heat wave for all of us that live in the north.