22 Mar 2009 Baby and Spiritual Family
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A side not before I start my post… My brother-in-law scanned our ultrasound pictures of Baby Schmoyer for me over the weekend. I hope you enjoy looking at our baby’s pictures, if you click on them they’ll get bigger. Thanks David!


I know I have said this many times, but I am so thankful that God has brought Tim and I to the church we are at now. Whenever I talk to people around town about our church the number one description I always use to describe our church is “healthy.” I love all the support that Tim and I get and we have really developed great relationships with the people God has surrounded us by. When I think about us getting to bring our first child into this world I am so grateful to be at Alex Covenant and be able to have them be a part of this huge moment in our life.

Living in the small town where we get to run into people from church almost everywhere we go is starting to grow on me too. It’s fun to stop and talk to people when I’m out running errands. I was skeptical of that at first moving from a huge city and liking that we could go somewhere and do what we needed and get home, but it just brightens up my day to see people around town.

Today God totally showed me how blessed I am to have our church family here. And I really do feel like people from church are a part of my family. And I love that because family means so much to me, and with us not living near our extended families (for the most part) and not seeing family for months at a time it helps to have our spiritual family, who I have really come to love.

I hope God has plans to keep Tim and I in Alexandria for a while now. I have always wanted to live in one place for at least over 5 years and break my record so far. Although I’m not fond of the cold and snow anymore, which only took 2 years to get tired of, our church family God has given us, totally makes up for it.

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    I love living in a small town. I have for most of my life, but I know the moving around too. I was born in Ohio and my parents moved around a ton while I was little. But I’ve been where I live now since I was in 1st grade.
    In my town, my family knows just about everyone. It’s not just the fact that just about everyone in my town is related to me either. My mom’s side of the family is really big. My family knows just about everyone because of our business. My mom owns a flower business with 4 greenhouses in our backyard, so she knows a lot of people and so does the rest of my family whether we like it or not.