19 Mar 2009 Life as a (Youth) Pastor’s Wife
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steeple-shadowEarlier today I was catching up on the few blogs I follow. The one that really caught my eye is a fellow youth pastor’s wife that I got to meet earlier this month in Ohio at the National Youth Ministry Conference. Mrs. H wrote a post linking to some incredible videos of what pastor’s wives go through. If you’re not a PW they might not be very interesting to you, but would be a good understanding of what many women go through. I couldn’t stop watching being able to relate to some of what women said and praying that other things that were said will never be a trial for me. I am so blessed to be married to Tim, to have the family that I grew up in and to be at a church that is supportive and understanding. Yes there are trials, but God is good and nothing too hard has come up at our current location.

I don’t know when I knew for sure, but I felt called by God to be a pastor’s wife. And when I felt that calling I prayed that I could be a youth pastor’s wife instead of a senior pastor’s wife. I knew that being a pastor’s wife would not be easy, but felt like if someone had to do it, I would be a good candidate.

All my life I saw my Mom support my Dad as he lead our church (the many we were a part of) and watched how she interacted with everyone, handling different situations with such strength and compassion. I always knew my Mom was a strong woman who had to lean on Christ through everything, and I am so proud to have her for my Mom.

Now that I am married to Tim, the best youth pastor ever, I am so glad to have women in my life who have gone through life as a pastor’s wife. My Grandmother on my Dad’s side has been a constant encouragement to me as she shares her experience of being a pastor’s wife with me and helps me out when I need advice on how to handle different situations. I am so blessed to have both of my grandmothers to look at and see how they have handled situations in the church while being the number one woman upholding their husbands as they lead the church.

So if you haven’t caught on, I am a youth pastor’s wife, my Mom is a pastor’s wife, and both of my grandmothers are pastor’s wives. And not to mention, my mother-in-law is a pastor’s wife. It’s not always easy, but I am glad that God has thought enough of me to put me up to the challenge and bless me with the life I have.

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    Mrs. H 

    Wow – what a legacy you have as a pw.
    I feel a tremendous sense of honor, responsibility and blessing to be in the “position” I’m in. I would have never imagined I’d be married to a (youth) pastor, but would not change anything, despite some of the trials we’ve been through (& those to come, I’m sure) 🙂
    Thank you for the mention of my blog. 🙂

  2. LOVED this one, thank you Laura and Dana for posting this. I was a PK, and an MK and different points in my life and my husband was always and still is a PK so I understand what you’re saying. We have been through trials, but my heart ached so much for some of those women’s stories and the intensity of what they are going through.

    I could imagine my life any other way . . . . .