03 Feb 2009 True Love
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I started substitute teaching last week. It really wore me out with bring pregnant, but I was reminded of my passion and heart for kids. While working at the public high school I knew I was not working in the area I am gifted in, but I trusted that God had me where he wanted me at the time. My eyes were opened to what high school is like these days, and it’s not an enjoyable place, for the most part. I connected with very few kids, the ones that are quieter and act sincere, not using sarcasm with everything they said. I did have some great conversations with students who I didn’t expect to talk with. I learned a lot about how parenting has changed over the years, and my heart really broke. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with these students, but I still was not in my element.

Last week with subbing in the elementary school I forgot how much I love little kids. I forgot how much love they have and how accepting they are. Who else would give you a hug the first day they meet you? And even though you have to be strict, they still enjoy that you put time into their life. They look to you for your approval and want to please you. I think all of us have that want and need inside of us for someone to accept and approve of us. The people we look to for that acceptance usually changes as the years go on. Working in the elementary school has really reminded me of my relationship with Christ and the love Christ has for us.

God has always wanted to have a relationship with us, everyone! There is nothing we can do to earn this love. God is perfect, and we are not. No matter how hard we try, we still mess up, do something wrong to hurt ourself, others or God, which keeps us separated from our creator. God knows this, and still wants a relationship with us! So God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to earth to mend this relationship. Christ lived a perfect life without any wrongs (being God and man) and loves us so much that he died on a cross so that we may be reconnected with God. We should’ve suffered this death, but Christ did it for us! And that’s not the end. Christ said that after 3 days he would raise from the dead, defeating death, and making a way for us to live eternally in heaven with him. So 3 days later, Christ came back and defeated death! Christ is alive, and we know we can trust in him and live a perfect life after this one we have now! If we confess that we do wrong, believe that Christ is God, that Christ lived a perfect life, that he died on the cross for our wrongs, he rose from the dead – defeating death, and we turn away from our selfish life and start living a life following God’s will, letting God be the one in control of our lives, we can live eternally with God in heaven.

The love that Christ has for us is amazing! There is no one we will come across on this earth who can love us as much as Christ. With being married, Christ’s love means so much more to me. To know that Christ loves me so much more than my husband, and knowing that is just exciting, ’cause that is a TON of love! All the love that a whole entire elementary class can give even in the first day of meeting and being excited about you does not even come close to the love Christ has for us. Amazing!

It has become a popular idea for a lot of people that any faith in any God can lead to a life in heaven, but that is not true. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. Just living a good life cannot get you there, just going to church on Sundays cannot get you there. You must make a decision to believe in and follow Christ.

How is your relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you have one, do you need to improve your relationship, is it great?

What do you think about Jesus Christ?

If you are living a life following Christ, can others see that in you?

My life is not perfect, but I pray that my actions and words reflect the love of Christ. There is nothing better than having the love of Christ in your life.

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