12 Jan 2009 Don’t Rush
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frostHere is my intellectual thought for the day…. (bare with me…it’s late now and I’m tired). 🙂

While waiting for our last student to get on the bus today to start our route I saw that she was fine until she heard the buses start up, which kicked her in gear to rush, making her bag break, spilling all of her stuff out on the icy ground. That reminded me of so many times in life where I let myself stress and try to hurry which brings so many more problems for me, than if I just relax and do what I can with the time I have and keep a level head.

I have been trying to stay extra calm lately (which can be really hard to do!) mainly because I’m pretty sure that stress cannot be a good thing for the baby God is forming inside of me. I get practice every morning before school with something almost always coming up that will make me shorter on time. I figure it’s better for me to be a couple minutes late to work than to stress myself out and get worked up which would last the rest of the day.

I’m slowly learning that life is much better if I go with the flow and not let myself make a big deal out of the small stuff.

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    Hi Dana,
    This is a great point. I can think of so many instances where I have been in a hurry, and this has caused me to rush something else, to make up for whatever I’m late for in the first place. And what happens? Inevitably, I rush so much that my “bag breaks” – what ever that may be. I rush to put the milk away and spill it. Or I rush to pack a lunch and cut my finger, etc, ,etc, etc.

    Go with the flow…I like that!