19 Jan 2009 Cold Snow, Warm Heart
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Tim and Dana (dating years)I’m sitting inside at our local ski hill resting. We came out here at 5, and it’ll close at 9, so we might as well take advantage of the whole night. Tim and I met and brought 3 girls from the youth group to come enjoy the evening since school was closed today. We were wanting to come in the afternoon, but when Tim called he was told they were out of rentals, which wouldn’t have been fun to sit and wait. This was our first time to come out and ski this season. It was really fun, I just needed to take a rest. I think between skiing and shoveling snow this morning, I’ve had a good workout today.

Skiing is such a fun time with youth, and we are so blessed to have a ski hill close by. We have fun with the youth on the way down and have a quality time to talk with them riding up the ski lift. Going in a group is great ’cause there is someone there if you fall (don’t worry, it wasn’t me that fell) and people to encourage you and keep you up and going.

Our exciting news of the day is that I had my monthly checkup today and Tim and I got to hear Baby Schmoyer’s heart beat today! And the other good news is that I have only gained 3 pounds in the last 11 weeks. I feel hungry so much, but then can’t eat much at a time, so I was wondering how I was doing, and know that I don’t need to gain a lot of weight right now, ’cause that weight would not be the baby. I’m still not showing, which I am really looking forward to, but I know I need to be patient and wait. It’s actually nice that I’m not showing yet ’cause that means I get to enjoy this time of being comfortable since it seems like my nausea has subsided for the most part! Everything is going well. No worries with anything. I could use prayer to keep me from getting stressed and worked up over the little things, especially the bad memory I have now. It really frustrates me that I can’t remember much short term stuff. I still can’t find my car keys that I hid before going to Texas, and I’m thinking I wont find them until we make the office into Baby Schmoyer’s nursery this summer. Luckily Tim has an extra set of my car keys.

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  1. Too funny! I lost my keys while I was pregnant too. And can you believe that I still have yet to find them? I still wonder where they could have gone.

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    mom s 

    so funny- i put things in ‘special places” for safe keeping and then i don’t remember either … baby schmoyer’s herat beating….sigh…sooooo amazing !!! love mom s