22 Dec 2008 The Best Christmas Gift
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baby's first picGod has blessed Tim and I with a little baby to come. I’m in my 7th week of the pregnancy, very excited, and not feeling too great. We’ve had to wait a while with insurance, so that the labor and delivery wont come out of our pocket. And we are so happy that the wait is over! I can’t wait until I get a prego belly, but I’m sure once I’ll have it I will be ready for the kid to come. I actually haven’t done too bad with the pregnancy. I’ve been completely exhausted, as I am now, and I’ve been a little sick to my stomach, but not full blown. Today was the hardest, I felt like I was close to loosing my breakfast while at work, but I just stood a lot and ate my saltine crackers I have stashed in my supervisor’s filing cabinet. I’ve been guzzling water non-stop, I feel like I can’t get over my thirst.

The fun side has been getting to tell friends and family about our soon-to-be new member of our family. A few people were surprised, but a lot have been waiting a while for the news. I think my favorite time of telling was to my 9th grade girl’s small group. I thought I had it all planned out ’cause the girls the week before had said that they wanted to start our Christmas party early and skip out on the large group game, so I would tell them at our party and Tim would announce it to everyone else, but as usual, my plans seem to change. The girls knew we were gonna play dodge ball, so they didn’t want to miss out. I told my co-teacher and she helped me gather up the girls outside of the gym before the game started. When I told them the news all I heard were screams and squeals and joy! Then was surrounded by 8 hugs! It was so sweet, I had dreamed about the day I got to tell my girls, and I’m glad I got to, some even said it meant a lot that I told them before everyone else. God has really blessed me with my small group, and my girls have such a special place in my heart.

We’re excited about what’s to come with having a kid around the house. We’re also nervous with the unknown, but have confidence that God will be with us and help us through. The Christmas Story feels closer at heart now with a baby in the making.

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    Dana and Tim, Congratulations. That is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. You two are going to be great parents.

    Wow how you have been blessed this year.

    Love to you both!!
    Aunt Wanda and Uncle Mark

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    mom s 

    YES !! so amazing…. a prego belly…. uh? you are a different breed my dear… go for it !! We ae so excited for y9ou both love mom and dad s

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    CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!! Having a baby, is one of God’s greatest gifts!!! God bless the three of you!!!

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    Congratulations!!!!! How exciting!

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    Ps 139:13-14 specially dedicated for you & your baby