01 Dec 2008 Freecycle.org
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I wanted to spread the word for this wonderful website. It is a group of people in different areas who post items that they are giving away for free, and you can post items that you want/need from others. I love checking to see if there is anything Tim and I have laying around that someone is asking for, or if there is anything that we can post to give away.

We have benefitted by getting things from people on the website too. I asked people for coupons with trying to start to learn how to shop with coupons, and a lady sent me a whole envelope stuffed full. We also got 2 boxes of children’s books, and my favorite, a Christmas tree! I’m in the middle of setting it up, wanting to see what it looks like, and it’s a great tree. It’s little, only 6 feet, but it’s free, in good condition and it’s ours!

To check and see if there is one of these groups in your area go to www.freecycle.org. Search for your town, sometimes you might have to search for your county. You wont be able to see what kind of things people are posting until you join the group and are approved by the moderator. It is a great thing to get into. Go ahead and sign up, it may take a few days to get approved, but when you do it is very exciting! I’ve seen everything from furniture to pets given away.

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    I joined them earlier this fall. I have not done much yet, but am fascinated with the items wanted and offered.