03 Dec 2008 First month without debt
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Once again God has totally amazed me. This morning Tim and I did our budget for December, and this was our first time that we didn’t have to pay on any debt with our left over money. Instead we got to put it all in savings to start building our 6 month emergency fund! My goal for this month was to put a small 4 digit amount into savings, which I thought would be stretching it. When we were finished with the month we had triple my ideal amount to put into savings! What a wonderful surprise! We even have enough money this month to buy us a queen size bed, which we fit into our monthly budget. We’re currently sharing a full size bed, that has a cracked beam, which is not very stable. Last week when I was putting away clothes I leaned on the bed and it collapsed! I am really excited that sometime this month we will get to walk into a store, buy a queen size mattress set out of our checking account with money we already have and walk away debt free!

I am so thankful for all God has done for us with working our way out of debt, and now saving. Once we were out of debt it was hard to keep self control. There are so many things that Tim and I want, and now that we’re out of debt it is very tempting to spend the extra money we have at the end of the month on anything. To my suprise I am over that already. I was glad it was just as exciting to put money into savings as it was to see our debt go away!

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