04 Nov 2008 WE’RE DEBT FREE!!!!!
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I have dreampt about today so many times. I am able to tell everyone I know that Tim and I are debt free! Tim checked our bank acount right before he was suppose to walk out the door, and our deposit was in the bank for us to pay off our last chunk of debt. Tim was so great to be a little late to his meeting for us to get rid of the debt. It is still kind of surreal that we’re debt free. It’s an amazing feeling to know this. On my way to vote this morning before work I was just screaming with excitement about us getting rid of our debt. Wow it feels good!

Every day when I get to work I go straight to the teacher’s lounge to put away my lunch, and praise Jesus this happened on a Tuesday, ’cause Tuesday mornings the paraprofessionals in the school hang out there in the morning, and a few of them know about Tim and I following Dave Ramsey‘s Total Money Makeover. It was so exciting getting to go in there and share our wonderful news!

Saturday Tim and I were working on our budget and Tim found one of his paychecks from 2 months ago! 2 months! I was baffled from this find, and he found about 3 or 4 other checks that should’ve been deposited a long time ago. Because of this I decided it was time for me to organize the office and turn Tim’s filing “piles” into actual files. So I got file folders and a filing drawer I had in the closet and organized all of our paper work we need to hang on to. Throughout these hours of organizing and cleaning I came across the letters of our credit card accounts being closed and my car loan statements as we paid that off, and across the packet of info about our debt when we first started off and met with the financial advisor in our church.

So here’s where we started July 2007 when we first heard of Dave Ramsey:

$701.77 bank credit card

$4,171.00 Discover card

$7,586.40 car loan for my VUE

$9,062.49 Sallie Mae for Tim’s Seminary loan at DTS.

Total: $21,521.66

This took us a total of 15 months to pay off with not putting any money on debt the last 2 months because of a certain situation some know about. On average we payed $1,434.77 a month over the last 15 months, sometimes putting $0 on, sometimes putting up to $2,500 depending on if I had work and how many jobs I worked and how the pay was. I think 3 jobs was the most I did at one time last year.

It is amazing to look at where we have come from. We started off our marriage thinking we could live the life our parents do, not realizing that we have to start from scratch just like they did. We thought we were in a position to buy a house 2 summers ago and decided to go to a financial adviser to see what our price range is for a house, and he didn’t give us one bit of advice about buying a house, he gave us tons of advice on how to get and live debt free.

Our first thing was to get on a budget and stop using credit cards. God totally blessed us for working to use our money how God intended and to not have debt. What really amazes me is that 2 months ago we didn’t even realize that we were missing a pay check of Tim’s. God was really taking care of us then, and then bringing it to us this month for kind of a bonus is just amazing!

No matter where you are financially, living a debt free life is possible. You just need to learn about money and have self control. If you’re clueless as to where to start, visit http://daveramsey.com and also read “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey.

Tim and I made a video podcast for his blog about this, so that should be posted sometime soon at timschmoyer.com.

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    Ashley Porterfield 

    Congratulations! My husband Daniel and I have been working the Total Money Makeover since January and we are making slow progress toward being debt free too. We’ve made it down to just paying for cars and for student loans all while saving for a house. It hasn’t been easy but I am looking forward to the day when we can also shout “We’re debt free!” Congrats again!

  3. Reading your story has been a blessing to me. As I’m preparing to get married next year and looking at the thousands of dollars that we owe together (all of our debt is in student loans), it is so powerful and gives me such hope that we, too, will one day be able to claim freedom from debt.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

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