09 Nov 2008 Wayman Family Reunion 2007 Video
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Wayman Family Reunion 2007 from rockinyp on Vimeo.

I put together my very first video Saturday night. Tim and I were getting things together to do his sister’s wedding video. In the middle of this we found video footage of the Wayman family reunion, back in 2007. Tim wanted to teach me how to do the video editing for Glory, so finding the family reunion tape was great practice for me, and lots of fun. Now I can’t wait for the next Wayman family reunion, and I want to make a much better video. When you watch the video make sure your cursor isn’t on top of the video, otherwise the play button and what not will stay there. I hope you enjoy it!

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    I have missed a lot of your posts! Been so busy. I love this video you did! Great job! I would like to learn how to do that too. It looks like fun! Looks like you guys had a fun reunion too! I truly have enjoyed all your posts and insights…about everything! I especially loved the post on Joseph. I had never thought about it in the way you put it. You hit the nail right on the head! Thank you for sharing:)