08 Nov 2008 Support
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Thank you to everyone for all of your support with Tim and I getting out of debt. I have received so many wonderful emails of people congratulating us, and I know Tim has received a few too. I even got homemade chocolate chip cookies from a lady at work who was so excited for Tim and I!

If you didn’t see, Tim put our video up of us telling our story. You can visit his blog to see the video. I would post it on mine, except for I don’t know how, and am ready to go to sleep. It’s late. I just really wanted to thank everyone!

I also want to give words of encouragement to those of you trying to get out of debt, or who have debt, but haven’t thought anything of it. Tim and I didn’t know the way we were handling money wasn’t good. We thought we were doing well, we were just like most people we knew. Now most of the people we know are out of debt or working their way out. My encouragement though, is don’t give up. The first couple months are hard. Getting on a budget and sticking to it for the first time ever takes self control and discipline. When you’re able to get a handle on it, it is wonderful and God will bless you! Another thing to watch out for is people giving you a hard time for wanting to get out of debt. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “Everyone will always have some sort of debt.” Or, “It’s impossible to be debt free.” Are you kidding me! So many people have fallen into this trap of lies! We had people question what we were doing, not believing it was possible, and even laughing at how dedicated we are. Don’t let the discouragement get you down, use it as fuel to keep on digging your way out of debt.

The number one best advice I can give when you start to learn about your money and start getting out of debt is, give God the control. The money we have isn’t ours. God has entrusted us with what we have, to turn around and help those around us. If you give God control, and your serious about wanting to follow his will for the money he has given you, God will bless that decision. There were so many months that mathematically didn’t work out with what we needed for the month and what we were able to put on debt, but God doesn’t need our logic to make things work.

Trust God, use self control, and press on. You can be debt free!

Again, if you don’t have Dave Ramsey’s book, “The Total Money Makeover” I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy.

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