22 Nov 2008 Saving Money
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I couldn’t justify paying for a full bag for my laptop, and loved a tip I got from one of our former youth group girls. While contemplating which of the two bags I posted about earlier she messaged me on facebook letting me know that a lot of people at her college just use a sleeve for their laptop, and that way they can put their laptop in whatever bag they’re using at the time. The sleeve is half the price of a whole bag, and I get bored pretty easily and like to use different bags, so this is a great idea for me! I found a sleeve that is the same blue color that Tim and I had for our wedding color, that I just love, and it came in the mail today! I’m really excited to have it, and now I feel more comfortable about protecting my laptop. I’ll probably still use my brown YS bag for it too ’cause it has a pocket for a laptop, now I feel better having more cushin around my macbook.

This month with starting to use coupons and watching the sales around town I neglected to go grocery shopping, causing Tim and I to get creative with our meals, especially making sandwiches for lunch without a loaf of bread. We had all sorts of rolls and bagels in our freezer from past dinners and such, so we survived, it just wasn’t what we were use to. So today we finally went grocery shopping, and I am so grateful for Tim going with me and being willing to be sent on missions to compare prices with and without coupons to find the best deals.

I decided that Wal-Mart has the overall cheapest prices, but then I’ve gotta keep my eyes on the local grocery stores because they can have some great deals. We are done with shopping except for me going and getting some more fresh fruit and veggies on Wednesday, but still with that we are way under our grocery budget for this month. We are paying for the majority of Thanksgiving dinner, and figured we’d only need $50 for it, well, we aren’t even touching that money. With paying for our regular groceries and a Thanksgiving dinner we’re under our grocery budget for a normal month! We saved $13 today with coupons, but our biggest save is from looking at adds and finding who has the cheapest price for what we needed. For instance, green bean casserole is my favorite holiday meal, and Wal-Mart had the cream of mushroom soup for only .60 cents, and a different store had the green beans for only .40 cents! Our town is pretty small, so we still saved money with driving to another store.

These saving might not seem big to someone who is an avid coupon shopper, but I am very proud of us with what we are saving.

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    Ooh, I really like the color.

  2. Thank you, it makes me happy. 🙂