18 Nov 2008 Macbook case
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I have been searching a few hours now for a good case for my laptop. And thanks to me being a girl, I really want a cute one too. My main goal is for one that is safe, but I really do want it to look great too. I have my eye on 2 different cases that I am trying to decide between, but that means I’m gonna have to spend my blow money that I’ve been saving up, and it really kind of hurts to spend money after saving it for so long. I haven’t been saving it for anything in particular, so this wouldn’t be a bad buy, plus Tim told me, “It’ll be an investment to keep your macbook safe.”

So if I do finally break down and buy one of these, I want some help deciding.

This is the BE.EZ Le Vertigo for 12″-15″ laptops. I love the color, but I’m afraid the laptop wont be as safe in it.The thinness of this bag is pretty nice too.

And here’s the other one…

This one is the BE.EZ La Besace. I like that it’s made for a 13″ laptop, which is the size of mine. And I like the different pockets it’s showing. I’m not a huge fan of the orange, but I don’t mind it. I’d rather have the blue interior, but they don’t make it with blue. The base on this one is pretty wide, making the bag a lot wider than the first.

For more info, you can go to the BE.EZ website and check them out.

Please comment back and tell me which one you think is better. There is only a $3 difference between the two, so the price doesn’t factor in.

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    I shouldn’t even be commenting on this because I’m so indecisive. I usually can’t decide what to have for dinner if I’m home alone. I like both of them. It’s too bad, you can’t get a mix of them. If it were me, I probably would choose the safer one. I kinda actually like the orange one. It’s bright and I like bright colors. Not saying the blue one isn’t bright, but it’s also thinner, so it might not keep it safe enough. Wow, this probably didn’t really help. I wish you luck with your choice though.

  2. Haha, thanks Chelsea! You think just like me, I couldn’t decide either, so I figured maybe someone will make it for me. Whenever you have trouble deciding what to eat for dinner, let me know and I’ll help you out too! 😉 Thanks for your input.

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    Ruth E 

    I hear ya on the wanting the bag to be cute thing too…. my hubby didn’t understand when I was picking a bag for my macbook either (btw congrats on your free macbook too!!!!) I ended up getting a nice one in Ikea of all places!!!!

    Out of these 2 though I’d probably choose the first one, cos I wear navy sometimes and hate wearing navy and black together – I know, so vain! But I also like how it’s tall instead of wide, makes it look more like an everyday bag than a laptop bag too.

    However you do need to think practically about this and make sure you can fit everything you’ll need in it like cables etc. Would you ever want to use it for carrying papers or anything as well?

    Anyways can’t wait to see what you pick.


  4. I didn’t even think about it matching with what I wear! I do like navy a lot too and have quite a bit of clothing with it. Hmmm, another thing to think about. I wish I could find someone that has seen both of these in person.

  5. i think you should use the free brown YS bag that you already have. I used one for quite a while for my laptop and it worked great.