16 Nov 2008 I Survived!
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Thank you everyone for all your prayers throughout the week. I really appreciate it!

The slumber party on Friday was amazing! All 8 of the girls in our small group were able to come. We had a great time playing Apples to Apples, looking at pictures, having girl talk, playing video games, eating junk food and learning about and talking about God. I am so amazed by the girls in my small group and am so happy how God put together our group of girls.

Saturday the sleepover was over at 11 and then David, Adrienne and Noah came over for the evening to hang out. We had a great dinner at Bennigans and played lots of games. I love it when family comes up to visit. Even though the week had already been super busy, I didn’t even think twice about letting them come up to visit. Family is always welcome!

In between the sleepover and our visit with family I ran out to the local grocery stores to price our most common groceries. I had to get it in otherwise my research would take me an extra week to do, and I didn’t want to do that. While I was out I was a little stressed trying to do it quickly, and I just get overwhelmed thinking about all the work it will take until I am settled with my money saving ways. God totally blessed me with seeing a lady from church there saying that Tim and I are such encouragements financially. I totally needed her encouragement to enjoy what I was doing.

Also, my desk top has been sick for a while now, making terrible noises and just not doing too well, so before it dies Tim and I wanted to get me a new computer. Well, Tim found a macbook on craigslist that is only 7 months old and a whole lot cheaper than buying a new one, so he contacted the guy, and I’m actually writing this blog on it! It’s been fun learning things and playing with it, although I’m a little overwhelmed being on it for so long. I was thinking about making a video blog for this post too, but am just not ready to do that quite yet, I feel a little awkward.

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    you so should make a video post on the new MacBook. Why not? It’s east with the built in camera. Come on. All the cool kids do it.

  2. 2

    that should say easy. Not east. LOL.