24 Nov 2008 Galatians 6:1-10
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This is a great passage after learning about the Fruit of the Spirit. God totally convicted my heart Saturday morning with this. I thought about writing it all out, but figured it’d be a good time for people to read the Word. In order to completely understand my blog I recommend reading it.

Friday night I was catching up on a blog by another youth pastor’s wife that sometimes upsets me with how negative she speaks about being married to a youth pastor. I think a lot of it is in sarcasm, but I’ve learned when you work in youth ministry, or for every day life, sarcasm is not a good thing to have in your character. Anyways, so while I read her blog I just get frustrated and wonder what is so terrible, why doesn’t she write good things about being a youth pastor’s wife? I was comparing myself to her like crazy making myself feel like a better wife, and also wondering if I am just blind to stuff with enjoying being active in the youth ministry with Tim.

While reading and thinking that I have a better grasp on being a youth pastor’s wife I started questioning whether I should go to something about youth pastor’s wives, thinking, “what could I learn?” Then Saturday while reading the Scripture I felt God telling me, “There are things that you will learn, and I can use you to help others.”

The biggest thing I pulled out of this (with help from my Life Application Bible) is that I should not compare myself to others with neither good nor bad things. I need to concentrate on my own life and how I am living for Christ instead of looking at others to make myself look better or looking at others and trying to live like them. God has a different plan for each of us, so I need to seek after him and his will for my life, not someone else’s.

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