19 Nov 2008 Another option?
 |  Category: Random Thoughts

Anyone remember these brown YS bags? They are from NYWC in 2005 I believe. Since I don’t have a bag for my computer and was wanting to bring it with me to the church tonight, the first bag that came to my mind to use with my macbook and everything I need for small group was this one. It never occured to me before, but was this bag designed to use with a laptop? It has a skinny pocket with a velcro strap to go over the item you put in it.

With not liking to spend money, I am kind of toying with the idea of using this bag instead and not buying a bag for my macbook, only thing is that I’m a little nervous that the YS bag is too flimsy to really protect it. Those of you that remember this bag, what do you think?

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2 Responses

  1. Okay this is funny because as I was reading your last post I was specifically thinking of that exact brown bag. I don’t take my macbook out of the house very often, but when I do it’s in this bag, it has a spot for everything. MY husband ordered that Money Makeover book after reading about it on your hubby’s blog and our Worship Pastor and his wife have just started it. I think we will try to start it after we move in January.

  2. Ashely, I am so excited for y’all getting the Total Money Makeover! It will help a lot with someone else going through the same thing. Encourage each other and share with what you’re going through. We had one main couple that we talked to and then a couple others that we hung out with going through it too. It is a huge encouragement when you have others to celebrate with you when you get rid of each item in your debt snowball!