21 Oct 2008 God’s Strength
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I totally survived on God’s strength today and not mine. In the middle of the night I woke up with a sore throat, then when my alarm went off for me to go work out I was feeling a little worst and decided to sleep in. I got almost 9 hours of sleep, but still felt yucky throughout the day. I took 2 probiotics, drank an airborne tablet and drank my sore throat tea. I took it wasy at school ’cause I was really hoping that my body would heal and my strength would come back by the end of the day.

4th hour was tough because of a kid being a jerk. This student just wastes their time in class and keeps other students off task as well. I really did not feel like dealing with that student today and wanted to cry afterwards, not ’cause I couldn’t handle it, I was just not feeling well and did not want to put up with it. Thank God though, one of our youth girls came in to visit me. She is having a hard time with her sister and having surgery last week and still in the hospital down in the city and her Mom down with her, so she hasn’t seen either one in a while. Yesterday I told her to let me know if she wanted to come hang out any night this week to cheer her up and get her mind off of it. This turned around my day and the rest of my day was great despite feeling yucky.

We had our small group over for a pot-luck dinner tonight which was fun, and I picked up our youth girl before hand to come and hang out with us tonight, we had such a blast! I started feeling worst and worst as the night went on though. Our youth girl won in Imaginiff, and it was her first time to meet the other 2 couples that were there! It is amazing how much fun such a diverse age group of people can have. I really enjoyed it! I’m going to miss our small group, hopefully we’ll get together every so often during the year.

Well, I need to get some sleep, it’s almost 9, and I’m gonna wake up at 8 to see how I’m feeling in the morning. I hope I’m feeling well enough to go to school ’cause I’m suppose to get my flu shot there tomorrow, and we have small group tomorrow night that I can’t miss. Please pray for my health! I’ve been trying so hard to stay healthy, except I think my long weekend wore me out ‘caues I stayed up way too late each night. So now I will try to get 11 hours of sleep tonight!

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    Hope you’re feeling better, Dana! I think I have the flu bug now too:( It must be going around! Take care!