22 Sep 2008 Spirit Week
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This week is Spirit Week at the high school. Today was jersey/hat day. I was nervous walking in wearing my Schmoyer jersey wondering if I got the right day. I was glad to see people wearing jerseys, but the first few people I saw were dressed in jerseys that went along with the school colors. When I got to the classroom I help in the other teachers in there were in jerseys that didn’t go along with the school, so that made me feel better.

Tomorrow is camo day. I have some actual camo pants that my Mom got me in high school for my drama class when we were doing lip syncing. The group I was in did a song by the Spice Girls and I was Scary Spice. That’s a whole other story, but I had a lot of fun with it! Anyways, before I left the school today I made sure I took a good look at the poster on the wall to make sure that I’ll be wearing camo on the correct day ’cause that would totally embarass me if I wore it on the wrong day.

Update on my calorie counting. Tomorrow is my one week personal weigh in. When I started…okay I’m not gonna share my actual weight…sorry (I almost did!). But I weighed myself this morning and right now I’m 6lbs lighter than I was Tuesday evening last week. That’s a lot of pounds to loose in one week, so I think this is just a huge kickstart with my body trying to get use to less food and more activity. I feel a whole lot better. Now I just need to get more sleep. I’ve been hooked on Free Cell and Solitaire lately.

Self control has been huge for me this week. We have brownies sitting on our counter right now from Tim going to small group tonight. They look great, but I haven’t touched it, just admired. I’ve worked out my calories to have one tomorrow, if I don’t want popcorn or icecream instead. One stinkin’ 2×2 brownie piece is over 200 calories! I could actually have popcorn and icecream instead of one brownie. Hmmm. Depends on how much I want chocolate. I found my self control bracelet. I have a couple Fruits of the Spirit bracelets, and I think it’s time to wear my self control. I almost ate a bite of cake in the teacher’s lounge today after school with it sitting for whoever to take and no one in the room. Luckily I didn’t have time before getting on the bus to leave.

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    Six pounds in a week is GREAT! Good job! I haven’t started mine yet. Will try to. I love your blog, Dana:)