20 Aug 2008 Neighborhood Get-Together
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Yesterday our neighborhood through a cook-out/kid’s bike parade thing for all of us neighbors to meet each other. I am so glad they did this because ever since we moved here I’ve thought it’d be fun to do something like that, and I didn’t have to plan it! 🙂

Tim and I didn’t know until about an hour before it started that we’d be able to, so we ate dinner before heading over, and just spent our time meeting everyone we live around.

We already know 4 families in our church that are right in our neighborhood, but this was a great opportunity to see everyone we constantly pass by when we’re out for a walk or a jog. Most of the families are pretty young too. There were probably 4 that are older. Tim and I are probably the youngest in our neighborhood, but a lot of these people are still having babies, so they’re close enough to our age.

I love meeting new people, but I was actually really nervous to go to the get-together. Tim actually did most of the talking and I just tagged along behind him. We had a great time, hopefully this will open the door of a lot more get-togethers. I haven’t talked to Tim, but I’d love to do a sledding day at our house and invite the neighbors over this winter.

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    I think a sledding day would be great! It’s so nice your neighborhood did this.