31 Jul 2008 Home From Vacation
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We are home! Actually, we’ve been home for a couple days. I’ve actually kept myself kind of busy already being home. This time leaving my family was harder than I expected. I really miss them, but am grateful for the time we had with them. To finish up our vacation…

Sunday, 27th
Woke up to go to Sunday School with the youth ages. Tim told the youth pastor we’d go in. Tim likes to see how others do ministry. It was really good, I enjoyed getting to see students who I hadn’t seen in 2 years, and split up in groups to work. Then we had service which was way different than what they usually do because it was VBS kickoff Sunday. We even had a picnic outside after service for it. Texas heat outside was actually pretty nice in the shade. After about 10 minutes it feels good. I was really looking forward to getting some heat, our house has actually been a little cool the last 2 days with the breeze coming through the windows. Anyways…Sunday afternoon I took a nap and went shopping in Katelin’s closet. I got some old stuff back and some really nice new stuff for me! That was fun! And a memory I’ll have every time I wear her stuff. Then in the evening we went to youth group with Katelin, and came home to a fresh shrimp snack. Yummm!

Monday, 28th
Woke up semi-early, said bye to Mom and Katelin at the church while helping out with VBS. Then Dad drove Tim and I to Carrollton to Sarah’s house for a short visit. We said bye there, again making me homesick for my family already. It was so nice to visit with Sarah. I really appreciate her friendship and love hanging out with her and her husband. After about 30 minutes Sarah and Joe drove us to Redeemer (our old church) to hang out with the youth kids there. It was so great to see all of them and hear about what all they’re doing now. Going off to college, going to be seniors, and really growing up! Two of the youth drove us to the airport which was a great treat. They were just starting to drive when we were there. The flight was good, I finished my “The Biggest Loser” book and got really inspired to start their total body work out on top of my cardio…that’s a whole other blog. We got to Minnesota in the evening, waited around a while to get taxied to our car, then had a quick visit with Tim’s brother Dan and his wife Maggie. They were so kind to have some dinner for us. Then off to our house!

I am really glad that we got to go to Texas. I wish we were able to see my brother Jon and my best friend Brianne. Next time we’re down we’ll have to make a point to make that happen. Pray for me ’cause I am homesick and wish we were living closer to my side of the family right after visiting. But I know that we are in the place where God wants us now. There’s no doubt that we’re in God’s will, it is just hard at times.

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