17 Jun 2008 Heading Out!
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We are leaving the church in 6 hours to head to the airport (at 2am). We’re excited and exhausted. Trying to fit all of our stuff and VBS stuff in our suitcases without going over weight. Finding out my problem is that my bag is just heavy by it’s self! My personal things only took up half of my bag, which left tons of room to pack supplies for the mission trip.

We finished 2 full days of training for the mission trip. We have a great group of students and adults going to Belize. Today was awesome. God has already started answering our prayers for the trip and people are starting to mesh. I can’t even imagine how close everyone will be by the end of this. First thing this morning everyone shared their testimonies for practice while we’re in the mission field. It was awesome hearing everyone’s story. I loved it!

I’m trying to make this quick ’cause I’d really like to get some good sleep before we leave. Please pray for us without ceasing while we are gone. God has really timed this trip at an incredible time. It’s been about a month since the pastor passed away from the church we will be working with. Pray for Kevin and Robin, the leaders who are taking us to Belize. Every time they have gone down Pastor Dyer has greeted them and been with them on their trips, this will be their first without this.

Pray for my patience and wisdom and to learn how to use the grace of God. I have found out in the last couple of days from watching Tim and Kevin that I hardly follow God’s example of grace, and I would really like to. I think along with that will come the patience and wisdom.

Pray for health with everyone. We’re all going to a new place and will eat new food, and stomach problems are bound to happen, but if we can stop it at that it’d be awesome.
Pray for the people in Belize. For the children and adults that we will be meeting. That their eyes and ears will be open to hear about Jesus Christ and that their hearts will be open to accept Christ as their savior.

We are so excited and can’t wait to see how God is going to use us, stretch us, and teach us new things. Tim will be updating our youth group website about the trip hopefully every day if we can get on the internet. And hopefully pictures will be posted too. So make sure you check it out (every day!)! 🙂

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