08 Jun 2008 Getting Ready
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Wow it has been a while since I have written. Pretty much all of this time has been spent getting ready for Belize. There are a lot of details that go into making this mission trip work that I didn’t realize. Tim has been working on details for a few months now, and I just started a couple weeks ago. All but a handful of our supplies are in. We are having balloon pumps ordered tomorrow that should get in by Wednesday. I just finished the VBS curriculum that we will be using. I took it from the children’s ministry curriculum the church has used and tweaked it to fit our trip.

Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat that didn’t go away all day long and turned into something that felt like the flu almost. I was achy all over and felt really weak. Tim preached this morning for Graduation Sunday! I am so proud of him. God did an amazing job through him. I was bummed that I wasn’t feeling well because I was wanting to go in early with him and stay through all the services, but I had to get home to rest. I did go in early to get copies of the VBS curriculum ready to be handed out at the Belize meeting, but then skipped out on the meeting so I could support Tim’s preaching and be there for him.

My day has been pretty uneventful. Tim came home for lunch, we watched some TV, then I took a nap, which I just woke up from at 5:30. I could probably keep on sleeping, but I want to be able to sleep through the night. All I want is to be healthy. Wednesday I am babysitting a friend’s 2 month old which I am really excited about. Hopefully I will be all better in the morning, otherwise I’ll have to cancel on her so I don’t take any chances getting her baby sick. It’d also be helpful to be healthy before we leave for Belize!

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