26 Apr 2008 Texas Rebel
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After having such nice weather on Wednesday and going for a jog I am really bummed that we are covered in snow again. It’s 34*, feeling like 23* with the wind blowing at 17-23mph, and I just got back from jogging. All day long I have just been itching to go jogging again. I’d been complaining thinking there is no way I could go jogging, when finally (I guess Tim got tired of my whining) I was told, “Just go, you can do it.” So I mapped out a 2 mile route a little different than our 1.5 mile loop around our neighborhood. Turns out Google map was a little wrong though, and the side road that goes in a loop I was going to jog around, ended up being a dead end, so I just mapped out what I jogged and I only did 1.9 miles. Disappointed, but I did go for 20 minutes, and I’m happy about that.

Walking home for my cool down I felt like such a rebel being from Texas and so determined to go jogging even though the ground is covered in snow except for what has been plowed on the roads. Maybe it’s just Spring fever. I can’t wait to see our apple trees in bloom again!

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