07 Apr 2008 M.O.V.E. 2008

Tim and I had a great weekend with 14 students and 2 other adults down in Minneapolis. We went down Friday night, spent some time in worship with other Evangelical Covenant youth groups, then did missions work on Saturday. Each youth group is split up and sent to various places around the city to work. Our group went to Bridging Incorporated. It’s a place that helps families in transition. Such as people coming over from other countries who only have the clothes on their back. This place gets donations from businesses that mainly do furniture, and then turns around and lets families do a shopping spree and get all the furniture they need for their home.

Saturday we helped clean inside and out, and also build furniture. Mainly book shelves and small dressers. It was nice to get to know the students better, and some of them for the first time.

Tim put together two good videos of the weekend. Check ’em out:
Overall Weekend

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