10 Mar 2008 Youth Worship Bands
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I am so excited for our youth group! There is a guy who use to lead the youth praise band at his church and has moved to town to attend the tech school and volunteered to help kick start a Jr. high and Sr. high youth band. We have so many talented youth in our church, so it is very exciting to see their talent put to use. Some of them help out with Sunday services, but we have a lot more students who are not involved on Sunday mornings.

Tonight was the first night for our Sr. High praise band to play for youth group. They did an incredible job. I am really proud of them. Last Tuesday was their first practice and tonight their first time to play. What a good job at jumping in there and getting it started! Wednesday will be the first night for our Jr. High praise band to play. I can’t wait to hear them. I like having worship by music in youth programs.

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