05 Mar 2008 Loving God with All Your Mind

I started my devotional by Elizabeth George over this week. I half heartedly started it a few months ago and barely got into it, but lately God has really been working on my heart, and especially my mind. God has really opened my eyes that my mind has really been something I have struggled to keep focused on God. It’s always been easier to focus on negative things for me and has taken all my strength and God’s to keep my thoughts on what is righteous and true.

I have also been trying to be more in tune with what God is trying to tell me or where he is leading me throughout the day. I’m getting a lot of practice with this at Wednesday night small group with our 8th grade girls. We were going to split up into 3 smaller groups and take prayer requests first, but almost everyone had the same type of prayer request so we stayed together and talked about what was going on and how they feel about it and how they can make a difference. It was really awesome to find more about what the girls go through at school and everything taking place around them. And eventually our conversation lead to some Bible verses that were actually in the lesson for the week.

I am really excited to go through the process God has started me on this week of how to love God with all my mind. The girls in my small group want to do a slumber party some time, and I mentioned to them about incorporating a Bible study with it and they were really excited. It’s nice to know when God is working in me, and see him working in others as well. How great it is to know that He loves us so much!

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