21 Mar 2008 It’s Still Snowing!
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I really really wanted and expected to have snow for Christmas Day this year with being in Minnesota, and especially with my family coming to visit. But right now with Easter on Sunday I was hoping to have all the snow melted and being able to see only grass even though it’s brown right now. When I woke up this morning and went to eat breakfast I noticed quite a pile on our porch, so I checked out www.weather.com to see how long this is lasting. It shows that we’ll continue to have snow ’til Saturday night! I was hoping that I’d get to see a couple blooming flowers for Easter, but instead we’re getting a white one.

My Grandma changed my view on this though this morning when I got her e-card and the first line says, “Praise Him with white for his spotless perfection.” Thank you Grandma for refocusing my mind as we get snow this Easter weekend!

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