31 Mar 2008 Happy (late) Easter!
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Tim and I went down to the cities to spend Easter afternoon with Dan, Maggie, Adrienne and the kids. We had a good time getting together. I can’t wait for the next time!

Tim and Titus playing with Tigger.

Noah entertaining himself.

Ruby and I playing with the camera.

Subbing is going well. Tomorrow is a pretty slow day. I really don’t even have a lesson to teach. We have a guest coming from the middle school to talk to the 6th graders about next year when we usually do math. Then they have 2 specials, then reading, just reading the first half of the story, then doing their state test practices. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of things done to prep for next week and maybe longer. How nice that would be!

Oh, and it’s still snowing up here. All day long, the ground was white and slippery when I left for work, and it still hasn’t stopped coming down. When will it end?

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